Triangle Template Mini Kit

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The Triangle –

Triangles are often linked with/found in a geometric, modern aesthetic and have been used by virtually every high end fashion designer. The smooth lines and sharp edges form clean, modern shapes that become the focal point of the viewer's eye. The triangle is one of the oldest and most widely used symbols. The Greeks used the triangle as the delta symbol and saw it as a doorway. Aristotle used the triangle in his five elemental conceptions. The triangle can symbolize how working together can unite people. It can represent the process of development and getting to the highest point of spiritual change. It can symbolize achieving dreams and ambitions.

Triangle Crystal Stamping Template


Pavé Crystal Templates are a patent pending method to making crystal nail designs quickly and easily using your own crystals!


This template is sold alone. While you can purchase your own puff, we highly recommend using the Perfecting Puff which is included with the Mini Kit. Our Perfecting Puff has directional fibers that are ideal to properly orient the crystals in the template.

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Pavé Crystals ss3

Pavé created our own exclusive, premier brand of flat back crystals. These crystals have the fire and brilliance of the finest Austrian crystal stones for a third of the price.

This item is sold in a 10 gross jar. (1440 pieces)


XL Round Stamper


Perfecting Puff

The Pavé Perfecting Puff has directional fibers which help to properly orient the stones correctly in the template. We tested many puffs in our search to find the one with just the right texture. Don't waste time and money trying to find a puff, use the one that has been tested and works!

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