Ribbon Template Mini Kit

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The Ribbon –

Warring knights were given ribbons by their lady loves and Tony Orlando asked us to tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree but the origin of the modern awareness ribbon is not exactly clear. It is believed that 1991 was the year that began the trend that we know today. That year celebrities wore red ribbons to the Tony Awards to bring attention to the AIDS epidemic that was sweeping the country. They made no announcement and so the press was left in the dark as to the meaning until the awards were over. The mystery drove the press and created quite a buzz. The following year the ribbon phenomenon exploded and was even dubbed The Year of The Ribbon. That year the red ribbon came to symbolize AIDS awareness and Susan G Komen began using the well recognized pink ribbon for breast cancer. Today we recognize the ribbon as a symbol of awareness for a multitude of causes. Regardless of the cause that is closest to your heart, we hope you enjoy our ribbon crystal template.

Ribbon Crystal Stamping Template


Pavé Crystal Templates are a patent pending method to making crystal nail designs quickly and easily using your own crystals!


This template is sold alone. While you can purchase your own puff, we highly recommend using the Perfecting Puff which is included with the Mini Kit. Our Perfecting Puff has directional fibers that are ideal to properly orient the crystals in the template.

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Pavé Crystals ss3

Pavé created our own exclusive, premier brand of flat back crystals. These crystals have the fire and brilliance of the finest Austrian crystal stones for a third of the price.

This item is sold in a 10 gross jar. (1440 pieces)


XL Round Stamper


Perfecting Puff

The Pavé Perfecting Puff has directional fibers which help to properly orient the stones correctly in the template. We tested many puffs in our search to find the one with just the right texture. Don't waste time and money trying to find a puff, use the one that has been tested and works!

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