Pavé Nail Template Mini Kit

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Our Pavé Nail design is our most popular by far. It enables you to enjoy one of the most striking and beautiful designs without the painstaking process of individual stone placement.

We get asked often how we selected the name for our business. Our very first product was a crystal appliqué for the toes and we called it the Pavé Pedicure. The term pavé is French and means paved or cobble-stoned and was used to describe a method of stone setting for jewelry.

The Pavé jewelry setting is one of the oldest methods of stone setting in existence. It is a testament to its beauty that it has remained popular for so long. It is made to look like the metal of the ring is paved with stones. Excellent work shows as little metal as possible. The stones are usually very small, anywhere from.01 to.005 in weight and less than a millimeter in size. In recent years the term pavé has been used to refer to any ring or jewelry piece that that had multiple stones. But jewelry aficionados will correct that thinking to include only tiny stones and set in a cobblestone type way.

This design template features 98 stones per nail and the kit will do a minimum of 14 nails.

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Pavé Nail Crystal Stamping Template


Pavé Crystal Templates are a patent pending method to making crystal nail designs quickly and easily using your own crystals!


This template is sold alone. While you can purchase your own puff, we highly recommend using the Perfecting Puff which is included with the Mini Kit. Our Perfecting Puff has directional fibers that are ideal to properly orient the crystals in the template.


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Pavé Crystals ss3

Pavé created our own exclusive, premier brand of flat back crystals. These crystals have the fire and brilliance of the finest Austrian crystal stones for a third of the price.

This item is sold in a 10 gross jar. (1440 pieces)


XL Round Stamper


Perfecting Puff

The Pavé Perfecting Puff has directional fibers which help to properly orient the stones correctly in the template. We tested many puffs in our search to find the one with just the right texture. Don't waste time and money trying to find a puff, use the one that has been tested and works!

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