Flower Crystal Stamping Template

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Florals are perhaps the one of the most ubiquitous motiffs in fashion. Inherently beautiful, and available in a million different colors, textures, and styles, most of us likely have at least one floral dress or shirt hanging in the closet. Long ago, flowers held deep meaning and symbolism, which people wished to imbue into their clothing. In addition to being a universal symbol of femininity, a “language of flowers” was prevalent in different cultures and time periods, and allowed for diversity in the design of patterns.

Our design most closely resembles the daisy which Old English for “day’s eye”. This believed to represent two events in nature. The beginning of each day, which is illustrated in the daisy closing its petals in the evening, and being the first to open at dawn to greet the day.
The tiding of spring, illustrated by the daisy’s debut during this transitional season.

We left the center of the design open so you can make a multitude of petal and center color combinations!

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