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In the spring of 1940, the Los Angeles Times assured its readers, “You can sign your fashion life away on the polka-dotted line, and you’ll never regret it.” This quote epitomizes the long and beloved place the dot pattern holds in fashion history.

Traditionally polka dots are used in the clothing of flamenco dancers and performers. Frédéric Bazille’s 1867 painting Family Reunion depicts two women in blue polka dot dresses. In the 19th century, dotted-Swiss referred to raised dots on transparent tulle and in France quinconce described the diagonal arrangement of dots seen on the 5-side of dice. Meanwhile, large coin-sized dots on fabric, called Thalertupfen in German, got their name from Thaler, the currency of German-speaking Europe until the late 1800s.

But then came the polka, the dance so popular that mid-19th century Europe came up with the word “polkamania” to describe its own excitement. As the polka craze swept west across the continent, enthusiasts claimed the polka jacket, then the polka hat (neither of them spotted), and finally, the polka dot. The American women’s magazine Godey’s Lady’s Book was the first to print the term, in an 1857 description of a “scarf of muslin, for light summer wear, surrounded by a scalloped edge, embroidered in rows of round polka dots.”

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Dots Crystal Stamping Template


Pavé Crystal Templates are a patent pending method to making crystal nail designs quickly and easily using your own crystals!


This template is sold alone. While you can purchase your own puff, we highly recommend using the Perfecting Puff which is included with the Mini Kit. Our Perfecting Puff has directional fibers that are ideal to properly orient the crystals in the template.

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Austrian Sun ss3

Austrian Sun™ is our exclusive, premier brand of flat back crystals. These crystals have the fire and brilliance of the finest Austrian crystal stones.

This item is sold in a 10 gross jar. (1440 pieces)


XL Round Stamper


Perfecting Puff

The Pavé Perfecting Puff has directional fibers which help to properly orient the stones correctly in the template. We tested many puffs in our search to find the one with just the right texture. Don't waste time and money trying to find a puff, use the one that has been tested and works!

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