How To Contact Us About Your Order

Email: support@pavepedicure.com

Text: (480)206-4754


Orders are shipped via USPS first class or priority mail unless otherwise specified.

PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS FOR ORDER PROCESSING. If an order is placed before noon EST, we can usually get it out the same day.

This means that if you order after 12 noon EST on Friday, your order will not ship out until Monday or Tuesday.
Something else to consider regarding shipping times, we are a small business and participate in trade shows and educational events. There are times when we are on the road and out do the office. This may cause a delay in shipping until we return. We will contact you if your order will be significantly delayed.

If you place an order using OVERNIGHT shipping and overnight service is not available where you live, we will contact you using the information provided in your order (phone number and email address) to let you know.If we do not hear back from you quickly, we will ship out using our standard USPS service (2-3 day).

If you place an order and use OVERNIGHT shipping, please feel free to call us, we may be able to get it out same day if you call! (480)206-4754


Template Care and Returns

Templates are made of polycarbonate and will last for years with proper care. They are NOT solvent resistant so care must be taken to avoid exposure to acetone. It is recommended that you clean your templates when needed with a mild soap, liquid dish soap works well. Limited exposure it isopropyl alcohol is acceptable for cleaning purposes but please note that prolonged exposure can cause permanent whitening or frosting of ther surface.

The templates are made for use with rhinestones and are not suitable for use with paint, polish, or gel polishes.

Templates which have a manufacturing defect can be exchanged for a replacement. If an exact replacement is not available a suitable substitution can be made. Templates that are damaged from improper care are not returnable.

Stamper Care

Our stampers are designed for use with our crystal templates but can also be used with regular polish Stamping plates. Your stamper head should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or a mild soap and water before the first use. Do not cleanse your Stamper head with acetone.

For best results, your Stamper head should be cleansed with isopropyl alcohol between each use. We recommend 90% IPA or higher.

Your stamper head should last for many months of daily use with proper care but will eventually require replacement.

Stampers are not returnable.


Crystals are not returnable. Crystals can be exchanged in the event you received the wrong size or color.


Glitters are packaged by weight when the jars are filled. Certain glitters weigh more than others, as they are denser than others.(Example, the micro glitters and very dense and heavier than the neon glitters).Each and every glitter pot is weighed to have over a certain amount of glitter in the pot (the weight depends on the product).In most cases, the jar will be filled just over the shoulder of the jar.** The micro and micro-lite glitters tend to settle and pack during shipping.They are tapped and packed when they are jarred, but be prepared for some to possibly settle below the shoulder of the jar.**
Glitter colors may vary slightly from the images on the site.We do our best to represent the true color of the glitter.